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24 June 2020
Brussels, Belgium
E²Tech4SmartCities 2020

E²Tech4SmartCities 2020 aims to offer reliable online match making opportunities through B2B meetings supporting needs & solutions for the development energy efficient and sustainable technologies that can be applied in a smart city context.

To ensure the reliability of information, E.E.N. support offices will screen and validate registrations before they will be made visible on the website. Please understand that this validation process may take some days but has the objective to increase the quality of the event for all participants.

So a clear and concise organization description AND at least one clear marketplace item to raise your visibility on this platform is mandatory!

You can always contact your regional E.E.N. support office for help with the finalization of your profile if required .

Within your profile at least the following information must be described:

1. ‘Organisation Description’

  • General description of your activities and your link to sustainable & energy efficient technologies and the smart city context
  • Expertise
  • Web-site of your organization

2. ‘Marketplace item’

The description has to be clear and related to the theme of the platform. Of the following ‘Marketplace items’ at least one item has to be selected and described:


Description of the product(s) you are offering.


Description of the service(s) you are offering.

Partnership – in case you wish to join a (H2020) partnership

Description of your offer to get engaged in a (H2020) partnership with another organization.

Project Cooperation – in case you are looking for a specific cooperation partner to join your (H2020) project idea / consortia. 

Description of the type of cooperation partner(s) you are looking for your project.

Investment Opportunity

Description of the type of investment you’re looking for in your project.


Description of the kind of expertise & know-how you offer.


Description of the specific expertise and know-how you are looking for.

Important issues 

This B2B matchmaking forum is looking to help partners to further improve and develop their innovative technology / product / service and is not a unique ‘buyer – seller’ event.

The B2B matchmaking forum should similarly not be used by consultants to sell their advisory services to clients. Consultants with specific expertise to become partners of Horizon 2020 projects for instance are welcome provided they explain this expertise and give references of past Horizon 2020 projects they have been involved in.


Closed since 17 June 2020


Brussels Agency for Business Support - hub.brussels

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Participants 219
Meetings 426


Austria 8
Belgium 34
Croatia 4
Cyprus 2
Czech Republic 3
Finland 3
France 5
Germany 31
Greece 22
Hungary 3
Israel 1
Italy 18
Lithuania 1
Luxembourg 1
North Macedonia 2
Malta 4
Netherlands 4
Poland 1
Portugal 11
Romania 7
Slovakia 18
Slovenia 2
Spain 15
Switzerland 1
Turkey 7
Ukraine 7
United Kingdom 4
United States 1
Viet Nam 1
Total 221


Company 76
University 18
R&D Institution 9
Association/Agency 13
Authority/Government 16
Consulting 9
SME 43
Large account 1
Start-up 24
Other 5
Total 221

Profile views

Before event 17788
After event 1299
Total 19087